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I am falling in love
with the shape of things.

With the round curves of my body
and the sharp lines of the bones in my wrists
and the patterns and scars that only I see,
and the strength in my shoulders,
and the openness of my palms.

I have looked to see God
in the trees and the sunlight
and the sound of the ocean
and I have found Her in laughter
and in the feel of old wood
and in the colours of the sunrise.

I have found prayer through song
and thanksgiving through joy,
and now I seek only one thing.

My lips are stained like blood
and my nails are green like the sea.

And I cradle my own belly in my hands
and I say to my reflection,
worship me.
this is a vast breath of something new:

the sun beaming in the morning
and the ships leaving the harbour
and my bedsheets are blue like the sea
and my eyes are wide like the clear river

and my hometown is strung across my walls
and I am cleaning the dust from my piano keys
and playing again, scales and arpeggios and long-forgotten songs

and I am looking at the photos
of the girl I once was
and I am telling her
Yes. Yes.
It was worth it.
1st November 2014
I actually wrote something. Holy shit.
Hello everybody!

I have not been here in forever and I feel really quite bad about it - my last journal post was a couple of weeks into my first year of uni, and I'm about to go back for my second. I suppose I just haven't been writing much at all for a long time now - I just haven't felt any kind of need, and as writing for me was always a way for me to deal with things, rather than something I did with any kind of discipline, nothing has been written. In a way, this is a very good thing, because I am truly, genuinely happy; but it's also sad because I do love writing, and I miss it. I'm sure it will come back one day, because it always does, but at the moment my poetry is very very sparse.

I had a wonderful first year of university, and I learnt an awful lot about myself and other people and about English Literature. I am beginning to discover the fields that fascinate me, and this year I will be sharing a house with my new friends, all of whom I met through the Feminist Society (cue 'no men allowed' jokes), and who I am really looking forward to living with.

I had a couple of articles published in the uni magazine, although I don't really think journalism suits me, and I played and sang in masses for the Catholic Society - I am now co-Musical director, which is exciting and terrifying and very hard work. I've learnt that I am terrible at staying in contact with people; that I am a very lazy cook (and, to tell the truth, lazy in general). I've rediscovered a love of sewing, especially embroidery; I have flown to a different country solo for the very first time (to Germany, to see a friend who spent the last year living there); and I have discovered that I use far too many dashes in my written work. I've done a terrible job at reading my set texts and instead acquired a gleeful appreciation of comics; I've developed a keen interest in Old English and ancient Scandinavian texts; I've been to Iceland for the first time (and loved it); and I'm seriously considering applying to study in Australia for my third year.

It has all been very exciting and I have loved every second of it, and I have very high hopes for this coming year, too. I am very sorry I haven't been around - I just feel rather ashamed logging in with no work to show for myself, but I have missed talking to you all and I will try to come on more, and maybe start writing again, although I will have to really work at it with some kind of discipline now I no longer have all the complicated feelings I was wrestling with a couple of years ago. 

Please let me know how you're all doing, and I will come by to pick up your comments. I'll also have a dig around in my computer and maybe post a couple of mysterious poems which I don't remember writing, but obviously did. Also, if I do fail at coming back to dA, you can always head over to my tumblr: and send me a message, because I open it habitually in my browser these days.

I hope you're all well and happy - I'm now going to dig through some of the 11000 posts in my inbox and read some of the gorgeous poetry I have been missing out on in my absence :heart:
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Artist | Student | Literature
United Kingdom
I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked...
~ Allen Ginsberg, Howl

Current Residence: Southampton, UK

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